I think I’m starting to like corresponding with Finnish people.  And I think I’m getting used to their style of communication, because I’m feeling like the emails I’m receiving are getting nicer and nicer in tone.  Or maybe it’s just that their answers are so much more positive and helpful than what I got from the Brits.

Apparently I am very much eligible to apply for international staff short-stay apartments, which they call Töölö Towers.  I really hope I can make that come through, since that would mean I have a place to live as soon as I arrive. Not only would that make my life WAY easier since I’m hoping to go to a conference in Jyväskylä a few weeks after I arrive, but I’m hoping to make the transition a little easier than it was when I was moving to London.  In case it isn’t obvious to anyone, it is really difficult to find a place to live in another country when you’ve never been there and have no connections.  I ended up spending a month in a hostel that was, conveniently, the cheapest hostel in London at about £100 per week and also located right across the street from my school.  I don’t think I can count on being that lucky in Helsinki, which I already know tends toward being a very expensive city, even moreso than London.

In less auspicious news, it looks like I’m going to have to go to D.C. to get my immigration paperwork done.  The Honorary Consul in Chicago was very prompt in emailing me back to tell me that he does not have the authority to grant immigration status.  In typical Finnish matter-of-factness, he signed his email ‘with best regards’ (all lowercase) ‘Olli.’

It’s hard to be intimidated by the immigration process when you get personal emails from a government official named Olli.

P.S. The previous post title was not the result of me falling asleep on my keyboard.  It means ‘Department of Behavioural Sciences.’

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