The Finnish Stoic

Not much in the way of progress has happened since I last wrote.  Which is kind of what I wanted to write about.  As I’m reading about Finnish and Scandinavian culture and how to not embarrass yourself in a professional situation there, I’m finding a lot of warnings about the quiet, slow-moving nature of conversation.  In my correspondence so far, that definitely seems to be the case.  While the waiting around and lack of detail in emails seems irresponsible and frustrating to my American sense of the world needing to operate at breakneck speeds, I’m trying to sit back and be patient.  So far I’ve found the tendency for Finns to be curt and concise a little off-putting, but they have been extremely helpful when they do get around to communicating with me.  Unlike the British, who will answer you right away (after their tea break, of course), but will not help you.  Or the Dutch, who will make you wait until it’s inconvenient for everyone and THEN they will tell you they can’t help you.  Maybe I’m just jaded about bureaucracy everywhere.




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